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Continuum Sheeter

Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Fine Paper and Paperboard

The Continuum Sheeter has been specifically designed to meet the production needs of the paper mill industry. This multi-purpose, dual-rotary sheeter accurately cuts fine paper and paperboard. The Continuum is configurable with multiple paper-delivery and continuous run pallet discharge systems. Learn more about the Continuum Sheeter.

  • Soft Metric Design
  • Full Speed Continuous Discharge Option
  • Knife speed curve - 400 MPM (1300 FPM)
  • Sheet lengths - 400mm - 2100mm
  • Configurable for fine paper and board
  • Auto or manual setup options: slitter, overlap section, stacking bay
  • Auto pallet positioning
  • Heavy duty mesh belt stack discharge
  • Two stage belted outfeed section with heavy duty divert system
  • Lean by Design
  • Functional Aesthetics
  • Effective power use
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Management information access
  • Intuative operation

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Folio Sheeter: Continuum Machine Overview Folio Sheeter: Continuum Decurler Folio Sheeter: Continuum HMI - Slitter Folio Sheeter: Continuum Knife: Knife outfeed





Sheet Width


1850 mm


Reel Width



1700 mm

1900 mm



Reel Diameter



1850 mm

2134 mm



Reel Weight


4545 Kg

10,000 lbs



400 m/min

1300 ft/min

Length Accuracy

Single Web

+ / - 0.38 mm (0.015”)

Length Accuracy

Multi Web

+ / - 0.5 mm (0.020”)



1000 gsm



600 gsm

Sheet Length



400 mm

2080 mm



PC Based Controls
An integrated PC-based controls system, fully compliant with the IEC 61131-3 programming standard, streamlines the machine control system while offering seamless network connectivity to optional remote operator terminals and plant computers. Graphical touch screens with advanced diagnostics simplify order entry and provide for complete machine operation from either main or optional remote operator consoles.

Standard Features:
  • Low profile - 400MPM (1300FPM) knife speed curve - heavy-duty pull roll
  • Heavy-duty lift table - 10,000lb.(4500kg) rating
  • Vacuum-modulated overlap section with air blow down
  • Reject gate - heavy duty roller style
  • Available in width of 1850mm (73”)
  • Manual slitting section
  • Heavy-duty shaftless unwind stands
  • Decurlers
Optional Features:
  • Simplex or duplex web-in automatic positioning slitters for faster order changes and unsurpassed slit quality
  • Additional outs
  • Cut-to-register
  • Multiple tension control options
  • Automatic web guides
  • Decurlers
  • Single or dual catwalk configurations
  • Static control options from paper delivery to the stacker
  • Digital sheeting options
  • Tabbers
  • Split web options

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Continuum Sheeter
Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Fine Paper and Paperboard

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