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Folio-Size Packaging Machine

Wrapmatic GRL

Folio-Size Paper Ream Wrapper
A semi-automatic folio-size ream wrapper that grows with your needs
This new folio ream wrapper handles all palletized folio-size materials including specialty papers outside standard GSM ranges and offers the highest semi-automatic output of all competitive machine offerings!
• Optional: handles A4 up to 1,200 mm × 1,600 mm
• Automatic depalletizer and palletizer
• Automatic girth gluing
• Automatic end gluing & sealing
• Automatic unwinding & cutting of wrapping material to selected length and width
• Upgrade enhancement to fully automatic wrapping

Appropriate for...
• Small converters currently hand-wrapping products
• Small converters requiring higher quality end products
• Small converters with potential to upgrade to fully automatic ream wrapping
• Large capacity mills currently staffing manual labor force hand-wrapping rejected materials

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Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GRL Machine overview Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GRL Delivery Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GRL Process Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GRL Feeding
Technical Data
Ream Width 297 mm (min.)
Ream Length 420 mm (min.)
Ream Thickness 15 mm (min.)
Ream Height (End Fold) 25 mm (min.)
Ream Height (Over Fold) 15 mm (min.)
Ream Weight 5 kg (min.)
Stack Height incl. pallet
Mechanical speed/min. up to 8 reams
Suitable products for wrapping Paper, Paper Board, Carbonless Paper, Synthetic Paper,
Plastic Sheet Materials
Product (paper) Grades 20 - 600 gsm
Note: Paper under 70 gsm must be tested to assure high quality wrapping
Wrapping Material Kraft & Poly Coated Paper (coated internally) 70 - 150 gsm Reel Diameter: 1,000 mm (max.)
Ream Feeding Manual
Machine Operation Electro-Mechanical/Pneumatic
Size Change- over Time 5 - 10 Minutes
Note: Changes made by handwheel with dial, scale positioning, and snap-on parts
Reel Change- over Time 5 - 10 Minutes
Required Operators 3 Operators

Converting today’s need to tomorrow’s growth
Experience for paper & board converters and mills
Developing machinery benefitting commercial businesses everywhere has been the driving force behind WillPemcoBielomatik’s (formerly Pemco) 50+ years of
industry innovation and success.
Recognizing the potential to strengthen Wrapmatic’s already impressive product line, WillPemcoBielomatik now introduces the Grande Risme Leggera (GRL) semi-
automatic folio ream wrapper.

Quick ROI, improved product quality
A machine purposely designed for cost-conscious companies needing to reduce labor overhead expenses, the GRL mostly targets small converters who currently are hand-wrapping product. However, the GRL can also be the right answer for large
capacity mills looking to minimize labor costs for hand- wrapping rejected materials from other high volume automatic wrappers.
The GRL will immediately supply a healthy Return-On-Investment as well as improved product quality.
A convertible wrapper - only available from Will-Pemco
If this is not enough to seriously consider the GRL for your operation, maybe the opportunity to purchase machinery that evolves with you will make your decision easier.
As your business flourishes, the possibility to upgrade, instead of replace, the GRL from a semi-automatic ream wrapper to a completely automatic wrapper exists.
This upgrade will improve product output (8 rpm), reduce operators from three to one, and saves the cost of another machine investment.
You can be sure: no one is more interested in your balance sheet than WillPemcoBielomatik!
Please contact us for more information.

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Wrapmatic GRL
Folio-Size Paper Ream Wrapper

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