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ServoPro Rotary Die Cutter

A Robust Open-and-Close Servo Driven Rotary Die Cutter
  • Based on the proven MarquipWardUnited product line
  • Built for versatility: heavyweight and lightweight
  • No gear train: no gear backlash to keep maintained, no oil, sealed from production dust
  • Modern control platform
  • Ultra heavy-duty die cut system
  • Modern user-friendly HMI system
  • State of the art maintenance system

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ServoPro: Open-and-Close Servo Driven Rotary Die Cutter Printing Inside the Box
  • 16.32 ServoPro RDC - 1676 mm x 3251 mm (66” x 128”)
  • 16.28 ServoPro RDC - 1676 mm x 2870 mm (66” x 113”)

Feed Section
The ServoPro Rotary Die Cutter utilizes belts to provide 400% more sheet contact than rollerstyle feeders. Belts maintain lineal speed throughout belt life and eliminate sheet marking by contacting sheets before acceleration. With the variable stroke option, the servo-driven belt lifter allows to extend the control of larger size sheets in the belt conveyor, reducing the required crush of the sheets in the feed rolls.

Print Unit
The ServoPro features a truly direct drive servo system—directly coupled impression cylinder, print cylinder, and anilox roll motors. Angled control panel provides a convenient level for machine operation and a better visibility of the split line during the machine opening / closing. Quick disconnect fittings for convenient and intuitive connection of the hoses for inking and wash-up.

Inside Print
The option to include one or multiple inside print units for single-pass inside printing is available on the ServoPro. This reduces production time on inside print orders and improves quality compared to dual-pass inside print.

Die Cutter
The die cutter offers a simple, ultra-robust system. An increase in the size of the journals results in a nearly four-fold increase in journal strength. Designed for today’s market needs, we have upgraded bearing capacities, journal strength, and drum stiffness. The ServoPro includes the Shark Anvil Trimming System, offering “on the fly” anvil cover trimming.

Controls System
The ServoPro features a free-standing pedestal for superior ergonomics. PC-based controls are organized, consistent, and arranged by frequency of use with user-friendly and intuitive operator interfaces. Manuals are easily accessible on machine console. The ServoPro offers integrated simple to understand diagnostics with high definition illustrations and drawings.

  • Up to 7 print units
  • Inside-the-Box print units
  • Graphics Package
  • IR/UV Dryer

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ServoPro Rotary Die Cutter
A Robust Open-and-Close Servo Driven Rotary Die Cutter

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