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Digital-Size Sheeting Machines

SHM Digicut

Digital-Size Sheeter

High-precision, flexible sheeter for cut-size, digital and folio-size products.

The SHM Digicut is ideal to handle digital print runs and various digital sizes (e.g. SRA3, A3+, 12”x18”). This flexible, reliable work horse converts all sizes (digital, cut-size, folio-size) on one sheeter only, offering highest cut quality and sheet length accuracy for all sizes and types of material from digital printing paper, coated paper, board to various foils.

  • Cost-effective sheeting with highest accuracy
  • Highly versatile in sizes - converts digital sizes, cut-sizes or folio-sizes
  • Gripper section for reams or stacker for pallets
  • Flexibility allows new sizes, small order & JIT production
  • Touch-screen interface for easy operation
  • Sturdy, reliable machine design
  • Low maintenance need

Ideal for...

  • Innovative converters
  • Sheet fed digital printers
  • Niche players

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Digital Size Sheeting: Overview SHM Digicut Digital Size Sheeting: Paper Cut Digital Size Sheeting: Gripper Carriage Digital Size Sheeting: Infeed in Collecting Box Digital Size Sheeting: Trimmer Digital Size Sheeting: End Product
   metric imperial 
Web Width (min.) 400 mm  16”
Web Width (max.) 1,450 mm
1,650 mm
1,850 mm
Sheet Length (min.) 279 mm 11” 
Sheet Length (max.) 560 mm - reams
1,500 mm - folio stacks
 22” - reams
 59” - folio stacks
Pockets up to 8 pockets
(working width: 1,850 mm  / 72”)
Web speed (max. mechanical) * max. 350 m/min. (depending on size)
Cross cutter knife load *
-Single & multiple web -
1,000 gsm
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.15 mm  0.005”
White web sheet length accuracy +/- 0.381 mm  0.015”

Handling the various demands from the digital market made easy

Digital print is nearly half of all printing
The future looks bright for digital printing. Digital printing is advancing in terms of print quality, efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Paper converters, being part of the supply chain, must position themselves to comply with new requirements. With the SHM Digicut, handling the variety of demands from the digital market is easy. This sheeter is ideal for innovative converter or printers, who want to offer a broad portfolio of digital sizes quickly and flexible.

High accuracy in cutting and slitting
With its high-precision cross cutting unit, the high-precision sheeter guarantees highest cut quality and sheet length accuracy for all sizes and converts all types of material from digital printing paper, coated paper, board to various foils.

In-house sheeting shortens delivery times
Sheeting in-house not only reduces inventory but also shorten delivery times and allows for JIT processes. Quick size changes, including digital slitter positioning, allow for short runs.

Traditional cut-size production and new digital sizes
New to digital sizes and its market? With the size flexible SHM Digicut, you can keep producing traditional cut-size paper to serve the established copy paper markets while slowing growing into the digital-size market.

Best price/performance ratio
Sturdy and well-designed, you can rely on this sheeter to give you continued service for many years. The excellent price/performance ratio means that your investment will pay for itself in no time.

SHM Digicut - ideal for innovative converters or printers and various materials:

  • NCR paper
  • Laminates
  • Self adhesive labels
  • Watermarked paper
  • Printed labels
  • Printing & writing paper
  • Coated / uncoated paper
  • Cartonboard
  • LWC paper
  • Plastic films
  • Non-wovens

System solutions for digital-size sheeter SHM Digicut
This high-precision sheeter can be integrated with:

  • WillPemcoBielomatik inline packaging systems
  • Ream Turner
  • Ream wrapper
  • Ream stacker/accumulator
  • Down Stacker after Sheeter Discharge for an additional packaging alternative
  • Optional Sheet Length: 1,020 (40.2") (B1 +Format) reams

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    SHM Digicut
    Digital-Size Sheeter

    System Solutions - more than a machine

      • ReamWrappingMachineWrapmaticGRECmachineoverview
      • ReamWrappingMachineWrapmaticGRECReelHolder
      • ReamWrappingMachineWrapmaticGRECMachineDetails
      • ReamWrappingMachineWrapmaticGRECRollstand
      • ReamWrappingMachineWrapmaticGRECReamswrappedonPallet

      Wrapmatic GREC

      This automatic folio-size ream wrapper handles ream sizes from 297 x 420 mm (A3) up to 1,000 x 1,400 mm and flexibly wraps materials such as paper, board, offset aluminium plates or plastic sheets.

      • PaperReamWrapperCSW253075machineoverview
      • PaperReamWrappingMachineCSW253075machineoverview
      • ReamWrapperCSW253075wrappingprocess
      • PaperReamWrapperCSW253075Endproduct
      • ReamWrappingMachineCSW253075rollstand

      CSW 25 / CSW 30

      Inline or stand-alone, size variable ream wrapping in Kraft paper from reel or sheet dispenser or in PP film from reel.

      • PaperReamWrapperModel32Machineoverview
      • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
      • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
      • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess

      Model 32

      The Model 32 ream wrapper is designed for mid-speed wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages.



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