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Model 32

Versatile, Automatic Ream Wrapper
The fully automatic Model 32 ream wrapper is designed for mid-speed wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages. It allows for automated operation and precise registration of pre-printed wrap and can run standard Kraft as well as polypropylene ream wrap. It offers versatile wrap feeding: both roll and sheet feeding of ream wrap are possible.

• Wraps all metric & standard U.S. ream sizes, including half-ream packages
• Simple machine operation with touch screen, including display of guiding instructions (e.g. for registered wrap, glue, adjustments)
• Servo driven machine for reliable performance
• Perfect ream control, glue application and wrap quality
• Small, compact footprint with electrical enclosure mounted in machine
• Centralized hot melt glue system
• Easy synchronization with sheeter
Ideal for...
• Smaller converters of standard paper reams

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Paper Ream Wrapper: Model 32 Machine overview Detail view Paper Ream Wrapper - Wrapping process Detail view Paper Ream Wrapper - Wrapping process Detail view Paper Ream Wrapper - Wrapping process
Package size range255 - 520 mm (length)
175 - 360 mm (width)
20 - 125 mm (height)
10" - 20.5" (length)
7" - 14" (width)
0.8" - 5" (height)
Roll stand up to 1,270 mm diameter rollup to 50" diameter roll
Production speedup to 80 reams per minute

• Wrapper print registration
• “Low-wrapper” roll warning
• Lincoln automatic lubrication
• Air conditioned electrical cabinet
• Roll stand to accommodate a 30”/ 762 mm roll
• Siemens PLC
• Vacuum choke bars

Ideal wrapper for intermediate speed wrapping
For wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages at up to 80 reams per minute, the Model 32 from WillPemcoBielomatik is your best choice. Advanced engineering features include roll feeding and sheet feeding of wrap, with the option for a wider roll.


Precise and smart ream handling
Reams are fed into the wrapper via a servo-driven, smart and flightless conveyor that also accepts and corrects for variance in ream spacing. The reams are guided gently from behind by emerging loading fingers. Prior to wrapping, these fingers and a ream squaring assembly position the reams precisely and, during the wrapping, a fixed ream stop maintains the consistent paper position prior to every wrap to ensure accurate and reliable wrapping quality for each ream.
Operator interface with touch screen
A touch screen simplifies machine operation, it also allows to perform machine diagnostics. Its display screen diagrams the machine layout to aid operator control and guides the operators with a registration instruction sequence when running registered wrap. Glue setup instructions and adjustments further facilitate operation.
Compact, servo driven machine for reliable performance
The Model 32 ream wrapper is a 8-axis servo driven machine, ensuring a repeatable and reliable performance. It is available with Siemens servo drives and control drives or optional Allen-Bradley servo drive and control. All machine controls and functions are incorperated in a single unit. In addition, because the electrical enclosure is mounted in machine, the wrapper is small and compact in its footprint.

Centralized Nordson hot melt glue system
The centralized glue system is controlled through the machine controller and includes a single glue loading station. A time clock is available for automatic 7-day operation. Each glue stripe that is applied by the Nordson ProBlue hot melt glue applicator is accurately controlled by wrap edge sensors.

System solutions for cut-size ream wrapper Model 32
This versatile wrapper can be part of a complete sheeting and packaging line, it is easily combined inline with
• Various WillPemcoBielomatik cut-size (e.g. SLK Procut) or digital-size (e.g. DigiCut) sheeter models
• Further WillPemcoBielomatik packaging machines
• Ream inspector
• Ream stacker/accumulator
• Case packer/lidder
• External girth glue sealing
• Poly-propylene film wrapping
• Roll stand to accommodate a 50"/ 1270 mm roll
• Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC
• Management Information System (MIS)
• Underfold

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Model 32
Versatile, Automatic Ream Wrapper

System Solutions - more than a machine

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    High-precision, flexible sheeter for cut-size, digital & folio-size products up to B1+

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    SLK Procut

    The SLK Procut, available with 2 up to 6 pockets, is a flexible cut-size sheeter for the converting of various paper types, grades, and sizes. Its various options include punching, perforating, or printing, allowing you to produce popular office products on only one line.

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    SLK 490

    The cut-size sheeter SLK 490 sets standards in mass converting of all common office paper grades. Available with 7 up to 10 pockets, it offers high-performance with speeds of up to 450 m/min. With maximum cost-effectiveness, it provides the perfect ream and cut quality.

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    SLK 470

    The SLK 470 cut-size paper sheeter is a highly automated, high-performance machine. It provides trouble-free, non-stop and efficient production of up to 800 tonnes per day – at minimum order sizes of only 1 pallet. The machine is available with 11 up to 16 pockets.



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