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ARC-5 Roll Stand

Robust, high speed, automated roll stand for high speed corrugator applications
The ARC-5 Roll Stand is a robust, high-value and low maintenance roll stand that is configured for efficient and economic manual or semi-automatic roll loading. 

Other Highlights:
  • Self-centering roll positioning
  • Small Diameter roll pickup
  • Heavy duty Brakes and chucks
  • Core-Stripping capability
  • Low Profile / Small footprint
  • High Speed spindles

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ARC-5-Roll-Stand ARC5-Roll-Stand
  • Lifting Capacity – 5000kg (11000 lb)
  • Maximum Roll Width – 2500mm (98.4 in)
  • Minimum Roll Width 2500 mm (98.4 in) Roll Stand:  915 mm (36 in)
  • Maximum Roll Width – 2800mm (112 in)
  • Minimum Roll Width 2800 mm (112 in) Roll Stand:  1168 mm (46 in)
  • Minimum Roll Pickup Diameter in Manual – 305 mm (12 inch) with standard brakes
  • Minimum Roll Pickup Diameter in Automatic – 405 mm (16 inch) with standard brakes
  • Arm Spacing in the Machine Direction – 2540mm (100 inch)
  • Rigid 240mm (9.5”) diameter steel torque tubes
  • Double hydraulic cylinder design to prevent deflection
  • Quick roll loading and unloading allows short wet end orders to be run efficiently.
  • Pneumatic disc brakes and high-speed spindles facilitate the efficient running of butt rolls.
  • Low energy consumption with automatic shut off of the hydraulic pump motor.
  • Heavy-duty torque tubes and dual side arm cylinders provide maximum durability for alignment of spindles.
  • Includes track/trolley operator controls and interface to provide seamless operation with BW Papersystems and other common tracks.
  • Vital for Efficient Wet End Operations
  • Efficient running of Butt Rolls
  • Rigid mechanical design with solid steel torque shafts provide superior torsional
  • Oil-impregnated, low-fiction nylon bushings on pivot points and linear slides ensure smooth operation
  • Arms that slide on precision ground keys offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance
    • Existing splicer Interface kit
    • Vertical Bridge supports
    • Semi-automatic & automatic roll loading and unloading features
    • Hydraulic track / trolley / squaring systems

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    ARC-5 Roll Stand
    Robust, high speed, automated roll stand for high speed corrugator applications

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