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Performance Corrugator Series

High Productivity Corrugator
The Performance Corrugator offers high productivity, and quality board. It features the Sentinel Complete Corrugator Control System, that allows for information to be communicated throughout the corrugator. The Performance line can be configured to be upgradable - to allow for future growth.

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Three Stacks of corrugated cardboard sheets Signature Splicer - High speed splicing capability The Advantage Singlefacer accepts the widest variety of mediums and liners to produce superior board quality. Steady Bond Glue Machine Dual Rotary Shear. Low diverter angle improves divert reliability Cool-Vac Doublefacer: Vacuum Traction Section eliminates the possibility of board crush in the traction section. Gun-drilled steel hot plates virtually eliminate cupping and deflection RPS-Express Slitter-Scorer: Industry-leading head setup accuracy Fusion Knife & Stacker. Designed together to provide optimal performance Superior Web/Sheet Control. Line Speed Waste Ejection Supporting Maintenance: Training, Spare Parts, Technical & Field Service Expert advice by phone and through remote access via modem, VPN software & hardware.
  • Production Speed: 300mpm - 350mpm - 400mpm - 460 mpm (1000fpm - 1150fpm - 1300fpm - 1500fpm)
  • Width: 2500mm - 2850mm (98" - 112")
  • Average Capacity: +14-18 million m/ Month
  • High Speed Performance
  • Featuring the Signature Splicer for superior splicing reliability
  • Vacuum Traction Section eliminates the possibility of board crush in the traction section
  • Superior traction is provided without the use of a nip to pull the board
  • Board caliper and stiffness are increased
  • Improved board quality with no curing time means an immediate conversion
  • The industry's narrowest trim specification on the Slitter Scorer that allows significant payback in trim waste reduction
  • The Fusion Knife / Stacker delivers superior web and sheet control
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Single, Double & Triple level available

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Performance Corrugator Series
High Productivity Corrugator

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