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    • Robofeed

    ROBOFEED – Automatic Sheet Counting & Ream Feeding System

    The ROBOFEED is an innovative upgrade for any ream wrapper. It adds a robotic sheet counting and ream feeding solution for increased performance and efficiency. By means of a counting disc or caliper system, sheets are accurately counted and then pushed into the wrapper by two grippers.

    • Valmet CTS 1450mm wide sheeter

    Used 2001 CTS 1450mm wide sheeter

    With 4 x unwinds, 7 pairs of slitting toolings, 5 x Tab Inserter Units , PLUS hoist / crane

    • BW Papersystems Signature Splicer

    Signature Splicer

    • Steady Bond Glue Machine
    • Steady Bond Glue Machine and Doubefacer
    • Glue Machine Detail

    Steady Bond Glue Machine

    Completely Servo Driven and PC Control Glue Machine

    • 1999 Ward 2 Color Rotary Die Cutter

    Pre-Owned 1999 Ward Two Color RDC

    • * NOTE : These photos represent the machine after rebuild and are used for illustration purposes only

    Pre-Owned Ward 66” x 113” Print Section

    Pre-Owned Rebuild and Certified Machine Specifications originally manufactured 1987. 39” board line and new 54” track extension included. Customer visit and inspection required.

    • Used Model IMX Splicer

    SPLICER: Used Model IMX Splicer

    Our used IMX splicer features a Triple Dancer systems and bridge mounting channels. This machines also uses a rollstand revolution sensor and interface for maximum efficiency. This 1995 model reaches 300 MPM (1100 FPM) with left hand drive paper going, linear position.

    • Used Model IH 400 Splicer

    SPLICER: Used Model IH400 Splicer

    This 2,500 mm used splicer features bridge mounting channels, an automatic tension control system, and left hand drive paper going, medium position. With our routine testing and tuning, this model is ready for immediate sale, and good as new for your job.

    • Preowned 200 mpm (650fpm)K2S Dual Rotary Shear

    SHEAR: Used Dual Rotary Shear

    Manufactured in 2015, this dual rotary sheeter contains a compact Logix PLC with Panel View touchscreen. It uses helical-wound blades on knife cylinders for straight cuts for your various applications.

    • Corrugated Eagle Double Glue Machine

    GLUE MACHINE: Used Eagle Double Glue Machine


    Our as-is MarquipWardUnited Eagle Double Glue unit reaches speeds of 300 MPM (1,000 FPM). Manufactured in 2004, it features a double level and is right hand drive paper going.

    • Eagle 165_XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter for 145-165 cm sheet offset presses
    • Eagle 165_XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter for 145-165 cm sheet offset presses_ installed with press
    • Eagle 165_XXL format Inline Roll Sheeter for 145-165 cm sheet offset presses
    • Eagle 165_ Pick up tapes retracted for knife adjustment_quick stop

    EAGLE 165

    Suitable for installation on all new and existing large format presses. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, we have developed this unique Sheeter to allow the customer to maximise the efficiency of any large format press in daily production by combining the benefits of web fed and sheet fed offset.

    • 2020-12-09_12-27-13-wm

    Used Marquip SheetRunner Precision Sheeter


    • Printing Inside the Box
    • Printing Inside the Box
    • Printing Inside the Box
    • Printing Inside the Box
    • Printing Inside the Box

    Printing Inside the Box

    • cutter_stripper_view
    • platen_cutter_stripper4
    • Zerand ELS Stripper_

    ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Stripper

    Once a carton has been precision-cut, the ELS Strippers efficiently remove the waste. Accurate waste removal without unnecessary, complex and time-consuming operations is ensured by belt transport of cartons through the strippers.

    • cassette_stripper
    • platen_cutter_stripper4
    • Zerand ELS Motor
    • Zerand ELS Stripper_

    ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Cutters

    All Zerand cutters come standard with ELS on the lower feed roll and the metering roll.

    • SheetLeader-Sheeter

    Used 2005 MWU 1500 (59") SheetLeader Precision Sheeter

    Originally manufactured in 2005, The MarquipWardUnited manufactured SheetLeader is 1500 mm or 59 inches wide and has dual rotary direct-drive knife as well as a horizontal web aligner. It features a shingling section with top belts, vacuum-modulated overlap, and a reject gate.

    • load-former-right-angle-take-off-conveyor-pre-ownedweb

    CONVEYOR: Used Load Former

    Right angle take off conveyor for Rotary Die Cutter

    • GRSX folio size wrapping machine
    • Manual hand wrapping
    • Optional robotic arm solutions
    • Wrapped folio reams on pallet
    • Scalable from wrapping table to semi-automatic to fully automatic

    Wrapmatic GRSX

    The scalable Wrapmatic GRSX folio size ream wrapper grows with your production needs. From a basic wrapping table to a semi-automatic to even a fully automatic version, this machine evolves. It handles palletized paper and plastic sheets and other flat materials, ranging from 20 up to 600 gsm.

    • Sheetrunner-sold

    Used MWU 1500 (59") SheetRunner Sheeter

    This MarquipWardUnited SheetRunner Sheeter was manufactured in 1996 and is a right-hand operator machine. It has a dual rotary direct-drive knife with a 50L motor. This machine is sold as-is, and where-is. 

    • Sold-OK

    Used Bielomatik FSW 500/56B Folio Size Wrapper

    Beilomatik Paper Processing products joined BW Papersystems in 2016 and we have the knowledge experts for Beilomatik wrappers. This used ream wrapper has a minimum width of 297 mm and maximum width of 1000 mm for final product.

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